How safe is sciebo?
Unlike most cloud providers, sciebo stores und processes your data in Germany exclusively. This takes place not anywhere by anyone, but only by qualified employees of the data processing centres in Bonn, Duisburg-Essen and Münster. As a result, your data is subject to the German Data Protection Act, one of the strictest in the world. As a non-commercial public service provider, we also have no interest in passing on your data. To protect your data we use state-of-the-art security technology. The transmission paths to your devices are of course SSL-encrypted. Altogether, sciebo is the safe alternative for your data.
What data may I store on sciebo?
Basically, sciebo is intended for storing and sharing data from study, research and teaching only. Apart from this, your institution decides what data you may store on sciebo. Usually this depends on the need for protection of certain types of data and is communicated in form of directives or regulations. The WWU, for example, provides a Cloud Directive as well as Recommendations for the Use of the Cloud Storage Service "sciebo".
Do you encrypt the data stored on the sciebo servers?
We encrypt the communication channels with SSL. We do not encrypt the files stored on the sciebo servers – this would only pretend security, because it cannot reliably prevent third parties (especially the administrators) from accessing the data. Only an encryption on the client side before uploading really provides security. This, however, comes along with massive restrictions on usability – Web access to the data is no longer possible and the sharing of files with other users is extremely complicated. If you are sure that you want this complete security, you can install encryption software – the Open Source Software Cryptomator, for example, is supported.
Do you perform a data backup?
No. Due to the enormous size of the data volume, we can not perform a data backup. However, our storage systems are very well protected from data loss through technical measures and even cope with the simultaneous failure of multiple drives. Data accidentally overwritten or deleted by yourself can usually be restored from the recylce bin in the web interface or using the versioning function on your local system. Still, we strongly recommend to make an external backup of important data.
I believe someone has access to my account. What should I do?
Please contact our support.
I think I have discovered a security hole in sciebo. How can I report it?
Please contact our support.
What is the checksum for the desktop client download?
The checksum (SHA256) is:
  • Windows 7+, version 07be96dd1255b1358e17834a616fc1a54e03ca59a4697da2c813bba3c90dfccb
  • Mac OS X 10.7+, version 2fb6120746ae86d0d4eade2c4cd867e45b21d492f1b1e046ba4bf6701dd59139