Web Interface & Apps


What is the sciebo app and how do i install it?
The apps are very suitable to view and share files on the go. Also, you can upload files (e.g. photos from your smartphone camera) as well as delete and move documents. Since there is only little space available on mobile devices as opposed to PCs, data are not automatically synchronized with the mobile apps. Instead, they are downloaded when you open the files manually. Here are the manuals for the android app and the iOS app.
What is the sciebo desktop client and how do i install it?
The sciebo desktop app is an application for synchronizing the data in your sciebo directory with one or several local directories on you computer. The client works in the background and synchronizes your data automatically. So, if you or someone else modifies data in a shared folder, all modifications will be synchronized by uploading and downloading the modified data. Here is the manual for the desktop client.
What server address do I have to use?
The new versions of the client don't require a server address anymore. Nevertheless, you can see the server address of your instutition on our Login-page
What features does the web interface offer?
For instructions and description of the basic functions please check out our manual.
How can I upload entire folders using the web interface?
Currently only two browsers, Chrome and Chromium, allow to upload entire folders via drag & drop.