Guest Accounts


What is a guest ID?
With guest IDs, external users can use sciebo to a limited extent. Guests can use the sciebo desktop or mobile clients for synchronization on their devices, but do not have a storage volume of their own and cannot share. Instead, guests use the storage volume of those sciebo users who share folders with read and write permissions with them. The guest's e-mail address serves as a sciebo ID.
How do I become a sciebo guest and how long can I use my guest account?
To become a sciebo guest you need a sponsor. Every employee with a regular sciebo account can act as a sponsor, using the my.sciebo portal for guest invitation and management. The duration of a guest account is 6 months, extensions are possible. A sponsor cannot delete a guest account, but stop a cooperation by canceling the shares. For detailed information please refer to the manual.
How can I log into sciebo as a guest?
You can log in via the desktop-client or the browser. The server adress is always and not the server adress of the inviting university. The username is your mail adress used in the guest account.
How can I share with guests?
Guest IDs are independent of the participating institutions and are therefore managed on a specific server called Thus, sharing with guests takes place via (Remote Share). Detailed informationen about the sharing process are available here.
I am a guest user and forgot my password.
Please ask your sponsor to reset your password.
How can I reset the password of a guest user?
You can find this function in the my.sciebo portal in the section "guest administration".