Project Boxes


What is a project box and how can I use it?
Project boxes are storage quotas for work groups or institutions handling very large amounts of data (30 GB to 2 TB). In case of legitimate need, sciebo users can request a project box at their university. A corresponding form is available in your my.sciebo portal, if your university participates at this procedure. Project boxes are impersonal, that is, they are not bound to individual persons or accounts, although there is only one owner (initially the applicant). Ownership is transferable. The owner can manage the project box in his my.sciebo portal. He solely should know the corresponding password, since direct access is only required for the granting of access rights. The actual use of the project box takes place via the personal sciebo accounts of the project staff. For this purpose, the owner has to share the central project folder with himself (i.e. with his personal sciebo account) and with the project staff. The storage volume of personal accounts will not be affected. More information is provided in the project box manual.