Sync & Share


How can I choose which files are synchronized?
In the desktop client's settings you can configurate which folders are to be synchronized and which are not. We will provide a manual on this shortly.
How do I synchronize files on multiple devices?
The sciebo desktop client automatically ensures that all files stored on the sciebo server are accessible via all devices running the sciebo client. Please note that the sciebo mobile apps are suitable only for viewing files and manual up- and downloading; automatic synchronization does not occur here.
How can I share data with other sciebo users?
Here you will find manuals for sharing via the webinterface or the client .
How can I share data with people who do not use sciebo?
Using the web interface or the client, you can create a hyperlink to the file or folder which you can share (e.g. by e-mail). To avoid unauthorized access, the link can be password protected and have an expiration date. A manual for sharing via the webinterface is available here, a manual for sharing via the client is available here. In case you collaborate with someone over a longer period, you can set up a guest account for him or her.
What happens if I delete a share?
If you delete a share, the user you shared with will no longer have access to the file or the folder (and its contents). This also applies to files and subfolders which were created by other users within your shared folder.
How can I upload large files (over 1 GB)?
Especially for the upload of large files (over 1 GB), we recommend to use the desktop client. The client pauses the synchronization if it is interrupted (e.g., by WLAN failure) and continues the synchronisation later.
What happens with shared data when I leave sciebo?
When you leave sciebo, your account will be deleted and your shares will be removed after a certain time. Therefore, you should inform your recipients on time and give them the opportunity to create copies if needed. A list of all files and folders you have shared is available in the web interface – just click on "shared with others" in the left menu.
How do I backup data which other users shared with me?
If a user leaves sciebo, his shares are also removed. Folders and files shared by this user will no longer be available. This also applies to files you have created yourself, provided they are in a folder shared with you. To continue working with these files and folders, you must copy and rename them. A list of all folders and files that have been shared with you can be viewed in the web interface in the left menu under "shared with you".